massdot highway maintenance facilities

Various sites Massachusetts 2015-2016

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  • Highway maintenance field office, restrooms, and break room
  • Cold storage of 10,000 sf for 5,000 tons of road salt, and space for loading onto spreader plow trucks
  • Paved work yard for seasonal operations


    Several prototypes have been designed and constructed, each a variation on the configuration of field office and salt barn, and each barn a variation on high clearance wood trusses free spanning between concrete retaining walls. These facilities are designed to operate in extreme winter blizzard conditions and resist extreme interior corrosive environments. The various configurations are being “road tested” for operational efficiency and durability, ultimately for statewide implementation.


    The Andover depot is MassDOT’s first LEED-certified building. Sustainable features pursued at Andover and at subsequent facilities (though not LEED certified) include:
  • Protection of onsite and abutting wetlands from salination, through salt cover and perimeter containment
  • “Raingarden” storm water filtration to collect, clean, and return site catchment and runoff to aquifer
  • Zero-maintenance water-efficient landscape vegetation
  • Locally sourced, sustainably harvested, high recycle-content, and low-VOC building materials used throughout
  • Abundant daylighting and high-efficiency LED electric lighting throughout
  • On-site generation of photovoltaic electricity with solar panels
  • Energy-efficient HVAC system: fresh outdoor air intake is tempered with energy recovered by heat-exchangers from the exhaust airstream