brown university residence HALL INTERIORS AND STUDENT LOUNGES

Providence Rhode Island 2004

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  • Interior renovation of 33,000 sf of common areas in twelve college residence halls
  • Construction completed in 90 days


    Improvements to seven lounges and to lobbies, stairs, and corridors in five buildings entail complete replacement of furnishings, lighting, flooring, and wall and ceiling finishes. Overcoming institutional sameness and deferred maintenance, the design approach focuses on building identity and campus way-finding. A design palette of in-stock fixtures and finishes—limited to simplify implementation and maintenance but ranging in color and pattern to create numerous beautiful combinations—brings forward the unique character in each building and reinforces place-making within campus territories. Schedule and budget restrictions mandate rapid design and coordination of two large construction firms. Project success draws upon logistics, code compliance, and a good eye for imagining interior space in the campus-wide contexts of student life and institutional mission.


  • Provided a presentation to Brown University facilities regarding high-efficiency lamps to aid in updating University standards