Waltham Massachusetts 2011

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  • Tenant fit-out renovation of 80,000 gsf in a former munitions manufacturing mill building
  • Offices for 400 in full range of configurations from private to semi-private, open, and shared workspace
  • Collaborative resources include libraries, science labs, and a training center for 200


    EDC, a not-for-profit educational "think tank," relocates its headquarters to reinforce collaboration and innovation among its staffers. To foster idea pollination and design thinking across the organization, the large floor plates are blocked into team neighborhoods connected by figured circulation spaces, "Broadway" and "Piazza," lined with shared resources such as libraries, kitchens, and conference rooms. The workspace supports formal and informal teamwork with flexibility for evolving work groups. Paramount environmental concerns guide LEED-CI certifiable green workspace, emphasizing daylight, transparency, and indoor air quality.


  • Indoor air quality is addressed through energy-recovery, ventilation, and filtration as well as low-VOC finishes
  • Protected bike storage and showers for bicyclist
  • Protected bike storage and showers for bicyclists
  • High-recycled content materials used throughout

Taylor & Burns was design consultant with expertise in education to Sasaki, prime architect