Taylor & Burns Architects is a full-service architectural design firm based in Boston. We specialize in working with groups that want to attain their next level of excellence by purposefully changing their built environment. Such engagement has capacity to enrich lives and embody aspirations. Our practice engages each project in a process of inquiry and investigation. Discovery and innovation arise from methodical searching and researching. We see design as finding fresh approaches to problem-solving.

As architects who call Boston and New England home, we feel impelled to make buildings that connect to this place, to the natural, urban and architectural character of this region, making it better one project at a time. We embrace the architectural language, scale, and character of our regional context, endeavoring to build new work that can enliven and rejuvenate it with civility and respect. As Boston architects we feel it is our duty to steward and renew this region in all its patina, grit, and beauty.


Our work mostly renews and reimagines legacy places with ideas inspired by the constraints of old buildings and long-settled sites, and inspired about infusing new energy within them. The architecture of reuse and redevelopment requires a special skillset and mindset: vision to see potential in old bones; humility and empathy to learn from old places and the people who know them; creativity to imagine and innovate change that fits, transforms and renews; and technical expertise to pilot projects through unforeseeable conditions and changes.

Architecture that is responsive to nature in a northern place begins with the reality that the outdoors are not always temperate. Practical buildings perform within tight footprints and efficient envelopes, and also embrace outdoor space for use when weather permits. The spaces that surround buildings are as important as the buildings themselves. Transitional layers that shape exterior space promote active indoor-outdoor functionality, encourage people and programs to expand to the outside, and make most effective use of tight confines in a seasonal climate.

Architecture is the art of constructing meaningful buildings of consequence. We endeavor to plan and design structures that communicate the core values of groups they shelter. Communities and public agencies for whom we design see themselves represented in buildings that resonate with ideas about inclusion, endurance, simplicity. We aspire to make beautiful urban buildings, and believe that happens when ideas that are true to their place and to their people are expressed with mastery and elegance.