Buckminster Fuller

Jones Partners: Architecture
Technological Cabins in the High Sierras

Barbara Stein
The Technological Cabins in the High Sierras is Wes Jones' proposal for the housing of two Stanford professors. The design uses standard, twenty foot shipping containers as the basic module. New or existing containers are to be retrofitted, moved to the site and assembled to form the larger construction of the house.

While Jones' proposal allows for the possibility of recycling, the interest in the project appears to be the larger assembly. While the house may be composed of unbroken linear elements, their composition creates a new, more playful whole.

Image Credit: Progressive Architecture, 1/95

Taking a cue from Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion House, the High Tech Cabins propose the recycling of an existing industrial type: the shipping container. Jones is a formal omnivore, and upon first reading, his choice of the container seems to ally him with Fuller's engineered economy. However, Jones' unwillingness to swallow the container whole, ties him more closely to the work of Deborah Berke. In both of their cases, the sum of the assembly is greater than the kit of parts -- something Fuller never quite accomplishes.